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How to Choose a Confirmation Saint!

So what are saints?
Why Should I Choose a Confirmation Saint?
How do I pick one for Confirmation?


The Days Are Coming!

Are you keeping a watchful eye for the day of mercy?  When he will create in us clean hearts and put a steadfast spirit in us to humbly obey every word that comes forth from his mouth.



How's the View?

Jesus takes Peter, James and John up the mountain Tabor to console them with a view that would prepare them for battle.  How's your view?

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Yield to the Word Made Flesh!

Do I buy the lie of fear?  Do I fear what God might do if I say a full YES to HIM?  Join Justin in the podcast to begin lent and Yield!  



Meet Justin Stroh

Catholic Speaker, Evangelist, Youth/Family Minister, Catechism Ninja, Songwriter and Herbalife Distributor.

Justin Stroh grew up in a Catholic home and experienced the love of Jesus through his parents and the example of St. Francis of Assisi and Pope John Paul II.  Witnessing their deep conviction and love for God placed a deep desire in his heart to follow Christ!  After receiving the Holy Spirit more deeply Justin made a commitment to serve Jesus in whatever he asks. His main vocation is to be a husband to Lynette and father to his eight magnificent children.

For over twenty years Justin has served as a Catholic lay minister to youth and families.  In the early 90s Justin traveled the United States as the Music Director of the Catholic youth outreach group “RADIX”.   He has Lay Youth Minister/DRE and is now the Lead Steward of Communion at Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Faribault, MN.  Graduate of the Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute.

Justin has appeared as a featured guest on EWTN, has presented at WORLD YOUTH DAY in Denver, Colorado, Cologne, Germany and Sydney, Australia and is the writer and producer of several professional recordings and produces the podcast "This New Evangelization" available on iTunes. 

Justin illustrates the Faith from Sacred Scripture and is animated by his personal prayer life.  

Justin will provide a powerful presentation using scripture, the catechism, original music, and humor that will inspire and CHALLENGE your community.  

Contact Justin:

Topics Include:
Jesus Christ
Human Nature
Angelic Life
The Fall and the Redemption
The Catholic Church
Justin on EWTN:


Do you love the Blessed Mother? Do you want to defend her? Try this:

This Saturday is a FIRST SATURDAY!  

1. Set aside five first Saturdays of five consecutive months as an act of love to the Blessed Mother.
2. Make a good confession the week before/after
On Saturday:
3. Receive Holy Communion in the state of grace with great love and faith that Jesus is truly present as an Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
4. Pray five decades of the Rosary with great love and faith as an Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
5. Spend 15 minutes in addition to the Rosary in meditation on any of the mysteries of the rosary as an Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Be Fruitful, Not Bananas -

Be Fruitful, Not Bananas -

Here you go folks, typical.  When will Catholics in the media read the Catechism? This article, is the rotten fruit (and viral stench) from errant priests who malformed the consciences of penitents (who rightly knew the evil of contraception).

This lukewarm attitude will not lead souls to heaven. In fact, it is a great deception of Satan.

The evil one wants us to separate life from love. He wants us to think that we should be in control. (AKA "birth control").

Before I continue, it must be said this post is not meant to judge the state of the readers soul. I am writing this post out of the deep conviction of what I believe is true.  Part of that belief is that one must judge actions, not people.  So, to get the most out of the below, one must separate themselves from their actions and realize that they themselves are intrinsically good. 

Ready, here we go.

The Catholic Church is not against regulating birth for a just cause. It is against methods of regulating birth that are artificial or using natural means selfishly. Why?

The Catholic Faith is about integrity, honesty, faith, hope and love.  

Large families are a sign that these virtues are a priority.  Because the human person is a priority. 

Pope Francis's comments about rabbits is a reminder to couples that there are just reasons to regulate birth by natural means.

Why natural means only? Simply, because natural means respects the dignity of the couple.  The use of artificial means also throws faith under the bus.  

Artificial means disrespects the dignity of the couple because it places a physical or chemical barrier where there ought to be none.  Catholics believe that in marriage, lovemaking is a renewal of marriage vows, it is a summit where God creates another human mystery. (This is also why sex outside of Christian marriage is a moral evil. Sex outside of Christian marriage includes masturbation, homosexual acts, looking at pornography or fantasizing it , etc... by the way these are adultery if you are in a Christian marriage.)

In the case of chemicals, the physical state of a woman is being altered to frustrate what her body is naturally able to do. This is a great disrespect to her genius and treats her as an object of pleasure.

Physical contraception is more obvious – why are we putting a wall where there ought to be mutual self giving and receiving?  

All of this throws faith under the bus because it says to God we want the experience but not the fruit.  

What is the fruit?

The fruit of lovemaking is the strong unity of the couple and the creation of human life.

God created life out of love and human love for life. Marriage, which will end with death is a sign of the great communion with God himself and and him life and love are one.

I call all Christians to recognize this truth and to repent from the rotten bananas of contraception. Trust in God, he will take care of you :-).